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Hansho helps International Cylinder Companies and Retest Agencies gain US DOT Approval

Hansho Composites is pleased to announce we offer services to help international cylinder manufacturers and retest laboratories to gain US DOT approval. We do this by offering US DOT’s requirement for “agent for non-residents” per USA regulation 49CFR 105.40

Hansho advises and assists international cylinder manufacturers and retest laboratories to meet the requirements of USA’s 49CFR 107.807 (Approval of non-domestic chemical analyses and tests) and 49CFR 107.109 (Conditions of UN pressure receptacle approvals). Working cooperatively with US DOT approved Independent Inspection Agencies, Hansho offers the following services:

· Project task list of documents to apply for DOT approval.

· Coordination with DOT personnel and Independent Inspection Agency.

· Review all applications, tests, and documents prior to submittal to DOT.

· Communicate with DOT personnel to schedule fitness audit.

· Attend DOT fitness audits to help the audit go well.

· Long-term Agent of Service to communicate with US DOT.

Hansho’s team of experts help smooth your DOT approval and long- term communications.


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