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Hansho - Experts in Composite Pressure Vessels Design and Analysis, Factory Start-ups, Government Approvals

Innovative, Safety-First Technology

Designing, building, and testing composite structures and pressure vessels since 1982.

Hansho and our team of Expert Associates provide clients with diverse, innovative skills to meet the challenging composite structures and composite pressure vessel market. 


Hansho excels in filament wound composite pressure vessels: composite CNG cylinders, firefighters' SCBA cylinders, fiberglass LPG tanks, Type 2 and Type 4 composite hydrogen tanks, aerospace fuel tanks.  

Certified testing and designs to US DOT, ASME, European Pressure Equipment Directive, Japanese KHK, Korean KGS, and many others. 

Factory start-up experts. Helped start 22 composite factories in 8 different countries.

Contact Hansho for more details how we can help you.

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