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Hansho Composites establishes new headquarters in Colorado USA - With Expert Associates in China, Th

Hansho Compositesis pleased to announce the establishment of its new headquarters in Fort Collins, Colorado. Located near the Denver International Airport, for easy access.

Colorado is a famous region for technology incubation in the composites and aerospace industries. Home to renowned organizations like:

- National Renewable Engineering Laboratory

- Steelhead Composites

- Lockheed Martin Space Systems

- Digital Wave Corp.

- Ability Composites

- Galiso Inc.

Close access to innovation centers reinforces Hansho’s ability to create value by bringing team solutions to difficult challenges.

Contact us:

Hansho Composites, LLC

2001 Rosen Drive, Suite 5-308

Fort Collins, CO 80528 USA

Phone: +1 970-230-5852



- Composite Pressure Vessels, Types 3 & 4, 70 MPa hydrogen, CNG, LPG

- Filament winding design, FEA stress analysis, teaching.

- International government approvals: US DOT, TUV, CE, ASME, others.

- International business development and sales representation.

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