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Awesome CPV: Systematic Method to build world-class composite pressure vessels

Hansho Composites is pleased to introduce Awesome CPV. Awesome CPV is a systematic approach to designing and building world-class composite pressure vessels (CPV’s) to meet customer requirements with high safety and competitive costs.

Awesome CPV starts with an optimization exercise to balance every foreseeable design requirement. Important design requirements include performance specifications, product costs, safety requirements, and business needs to start production quickly with minimal business risk.

Hansho Composites uses a customized optimization strategy for every new product.

Hansho's Awesome CPV method works through the following steps:

  • Determine operating requirements for working pressure, type and quantity of gas to be stored, dimensions, weight, pressure cycling range, and operating temperature range.

  • Locate best, high-performance raw materials. Help Customer obtain lowest cost, highest quality, and reliable supply chain.

- Factory design, specify production and testing machines, automation.

  • Product design, using classical mechanics, statistical design, and FEA finite element analysis

  • Ensure compliance with all ISO and local government safety requirements to gain approval for production.

  • Personnel development and training. Hansho’s experts provide comprehensive technical training for managers, engineers, and operators / inspectors.

  • Qualification testing at Customer’s factory, audited and monitored by independent inspection agents.

Contact Hansho Composites for more information on Awesome CPV and how we can help speed your success.

Shaun Hogan, President and Chief Engineer, Hansho Composites LLC

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